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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Krispy Kreme Fundraising Cards

To start our fundraising efforts off we decided to do Krispy Kreme fundraising cards. Krispy Kreme sells fundraising cards for $6 per card, you have to purchase them in a bundle of at least 25 cards, and can turn around and sell the cards for $12 each. The back of the cards have 10 stickers you peel off and offers when purchasing a dozen donuts, you will receive a dozen glazed free. Also, these cards never expire which is really nice. I wasn’t sure how well these were going to sell, but we went ahead and purchased 50 cards two weeks ago, praying that we would sell them all. Sydney went around door to door in her grandmother’s neighborhood and her cousin’s neighborhood. It was extremely hot outside, but after two weeks and lots of hard work she sold all 50 cards!
Sydney has been helping out with vacation bible school at the Bentonville First Baptist church all week and leaves Monday for choir camp, so I have been trying to get as much done as possible while she is in town as well as trying to organize some other fundraising events for over the
 summer. My mom went and purchased 50 more Krispy Kreme fundraising cards and picked Sydney up from VBS this week to go sell some more cards. This time Sydney and my little sister Marlana targeted some local businesses to try to sell the cards and had a huge success! The girls said that O'reilly of Rogers and Nissan of Bentonville were some of the nicest businesses that they went to. They were excited to help out, wanted to hear all about the mission trip, and bought several cards. I am happy to say that they sold all 50 cards in two days! With this fundraiser alone, we raised a total of $806! I would definitely recommend anyone trying to raise money for an event to try selling fundraising cards from a local business. We had a huge success with Krispy Kreme, however after doing the math this totals 24,000 donuts that will be consumed in NWA from these cards we sold!
J That’s A LOT of donuts! We have a partial payment of $1000 that is due on July 23rd, so we have to keep moving and on to the next event!

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